Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yes, I'm aware no one is reading this, but still, I'll blog away. So anyway I thought I post up some of my actually published work I've done lately for Filmink magazine. Here goes:

Feature on upcoming Aussie actor Harry Cook. He was a really nice guy to interview, seemed really genuine, though I'm not sure but I think he complained about the feature on Twitter saying that he hated when the media misquoted him... right after the feature got put up. Anyway, I have the audio recording of the interview which I painstakingly copied word for word, so I'm hoping it was something else he did:

Feature on Aussie director Peter Cornwell. He was just about one of the nicest guys I've spoken to, so easy to interview and obviously has such a passion and talent for what he's doing. I really hope he becomes even more successful in the future:

Feature on actress Anya Monzikova. She seems nice, but I didn't actually speak to her, only an email interview:

Blog entry on Australian Film The Devil's 6 Commandments. The less I say about this... the better:

I'll post more as it comes!

Monday, April 19, 2010

One standing, where Two should be.

It started as a class excercise but then I really enjoyed it, so I kept doing it. The idea was to write a short story, entirely self contained, in six sentences. The ones I wrote had an unintentional theme, a failed romance, or an incomplete one, so I figure I'll continue this theme and make a collection. Six sentences works with the theme to, being one short of the "complete" number seven. Anyway, here's the first, and I'll post more as I go along.

She seems nice enough, I guess, but I hate her sneakers. What must my friends think of me if they set me up on a blind date with a girl who wears sneakers as footwear at any other time than jogging or other similarly unlikeable activities? They’re even paired with purple socks that are potentially supposed to be quirky, but only highlight the dirt and grime writhing in the folds of payless shoes January special. It starts with sneakers, then its owning every Renee Zelwegger movie, starting stories with “when I was in the school choir…”, still retaining the notion that drinking’s a little bit naughty long after turning eighteen, having an unusually large number of friends who speak Japanese and reading Pride and Prejudice, like literally a million times. It ain’t literal if you exaggerate sneakers girl. I think I’ll order the soup, so it’s done with quickly and I can be on my way, and she can walk hers, in sneakers.