Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yes, I'm aware no one is reading this, but still, I'll blog away. So anyway I thought I post up some of my actually published work I've done lately for Filmink magazine. Here goes:

Feature on upcoming Aussie actor Harry Cook. He was a really nice guy to interview, seemed really genuine, though I'm not sure but I think he complained about the feature on Twitter saying that he hated when the media misquoted him... right after the feature got put up. Anyway, I have the audio recording of the interview which I painstakingly copied word for word, so I'm hoping it was something else he did:

Feature on Aussie director Peter Cornwell. He was just about one of the nicest guys I've spoken to, so easy to interview and obviously has such a passion and talent for what he's doing. I really hope he becomes even more successful in the future:

Feature on actress Anya Monzikova. She seems nice, but I didn't actually speak to her, only an email interview:

Blog entry on Australian Film The Devil's 6 Commandments. The less I say about this... the better:

I'll post more as it comes!

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